History and Heritage

Macmillan has been a forward-thinking publisher for more than 165 years.

At Macmillan we are conscious of the central role teachers play in the quality and effectiveness of learning, we recognize teachers as committed and talented professionals who aim to develop, realize and strengthen the potential of every human being at any stage of their lives.

Therefore, we want this to be an opportunity for recognition, and a space to address professional issues and provide public accountability in a way which would enhance the capacity of education in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

When brothers Daniel and Alexander Macmillan founded Macmillan in 1843, they created a company that recognised and valued great contemporary writing. They made a mark on the literary world by publishing a range of extraordinary works by authors such as Lewis Carroll, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Thomas Hardy and Rudyard Kipling that quickly became part of the internationally recognised canon.

As the company grew, so did the brothers' belief in the importance of learning, resulting in the launch of scientific research journal Nature and the Palgrave imprint, promoting education and academic scholarship around the world.

When former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan became Chairman, he also recognised that education should become a key investment area for Macmillan. With his vision, the company established itself as a world-leading educational publisher with an outstanding repitation.

Macmillan Education builds on these strengths and has continued to educate generations of communities bye developing ground-breaking English Language Teaching (ELT) and curriculum materials for markets worldwide.

This global presence is true today, with Macmillan Education represented in 120 countries. The company is proud if its tradition of working together with local experts to provide relevant educational materials, both digital and in print, from pre-primary through to adult education.